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Southwest Foodservice Excellence offers aggressive growth within our organization.  We promote organic growth with rewarding successful hard working employees with the opportunity to grow within our organization.  With an average of bringing on upwards or over 200 people per year, our growth model speaks for itself.

Southwest Foodservice Excellence is committed to revolutionizing how students are nourished. Everything we do within a school district starts with the students. We will enhance their learning experience by creating healthy eating habits through nutrition education and interactive experiences. Your students are our number one priority.


No food service company in the world can provide services without front line staff. SFE spends a significant number of hours and provides ample resources to improve the services provided by our / your employees. Our culture focuses on treating staff with fairness and respect. A proud and happy staff member will take a more active roll in improving the quality and presentation of food, which the students will appreciate and enjoy.


SFE's founders and senior management have countless years of experience working side-by-side with diverse groups of people from all walks of life. Our experience shows that once we start working together we all realize that we are trying to accomplish the same goals. This translates into a more positive working environment, which in turn results in better customer service.

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